6 Tools to Create Marketing Videos Online

6 Tools to Create Marketing Videos Online. Your field may be content marketing, and your plan to develop your content by combining written and visual content by making professional videos like those you see on YouTube or social media.

6 Tools to create Marketing Videos Online

We all know importance and effectiveness of video in the field of content marketing, but unfortunately many complain that the work of professional video takes a long time and a great effort; for that we brought to you today the top 6 tools that will enable you in a few minutes to make an attractive video like a professional, these tools are:

  1. Lumen5 Application
  2. Rocketium Application
  3. Animoto Application
  4. Anchor Application
  5. BIGVU Application
  6. Animaker Application

#1. Lumen5 Application

It’s an excellent web app to turn your written content into visual content. All you have to do is put the text in the right place and choose the right template for you so that you can finally get a very engaging video and even suggest some pictures and videos related to your content. All you have to do is drag the video or image and insert it into the selected frame.

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing Lumen 5 WTFUPDATES

How to make a video in Lumen5:

To make video as quickly as possible, you have to define the main points of the video content, by pasting the content in a dedicated place or linking your article to bring the content to the frame, then the text you enter appears in the left side of the application, then choose subtitles for your content And the right pictures too.

#2. Rocketium Application

Enables you to create a social video in minutes, so you can switch between different types of videos. This app changes your media files and subtitles to match the video type. The most important feature of this application is also its full support for the Arabic text.

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing Rocketium WTFUPDATES

How to Create Marketing Videos by Rocketium:

  • This app provides you with a set of templates and frames that you can easily use to make a video. You can also add special photos and videos within your video.
  • When you have selected the images, animations, and backgrounds you want to add, the app will automatically adjust all elements with the content you have entered and will add music and illustrations as well.

#3. Animoto Application

Is a web application that helps you convert your photos into professional Marketing Videos videos without much effort.

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing Animoto WTFUPDATES

How to Make a Video by Animoto:

Use one of our ready-made templates to make a video as quickly as possible. Simply replace the template content with your content.

#4. Anchor Application

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing Anchor WTFUPDATES

A platform from which you can create high-quality audio and video files to share with your followers via social media. This app is completely free, so everyone can use it without any restrictions.

How to Produce a Video by Anchor:

Once you have recorded the audio file, click on the video icon, and select the appropriate frame for the video content. Then review and modify the copy of your registration. Finally, ANCHOR enables you to download the video in different formats.

#5. BIGVU Application

If you stutter a lot and forget what you want to say while recording your video, then you should use this wonderful application. BIGVU is a web application that helps you view your video text on the screen, so you remember the key points you want to say.

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing BIGVU WTFUPDATES

How to Make a Video by Teleprompter BIGVU:

Place your text in the space provided in the application, or via google drive or Dropbox, the application will take 5 seconds to start recording, the text will display a paragraph by paragraph until you finish recording and then stop once the text is finished.

#6. Animaker Application

Enables you to create animated videos with impressive effects without the need for any technical expertise.

6 Tools to Make Video Marketing ANIMAKER WTFUPDATES

How to Make an Animated Video by Animaker:

This app provides you with more than 40 templates to choose from for making animated video. Each of them is fully equipped in terms of effects, transitions, and music. Just replace the content, and the app will take care of the rest.


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