Top Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Top Best Video Editing Software for Beginners. Who does not want to learn how to edit the video, right? Everyone wants! If you decide to take training, first work – is to choose the appropriate video editor to work. In this article, we offer you the best software for one of the choices.

Video editing

A simple yet powerful video editor. It’s a simple Russian interface which is the same for you and never goes stuck. Video correction is a clue on mass effects and settings that you can take step-by-step. All of this program and intuitively to convince you that how we will show how to work with the software.

First step

After promptly released, load the required video and images to the editor. Here you can select the wallpaper and titles from the collection or develop a new design for those slides.

Second step

Next, go to video editing. At this stage, you can change it with effects to cut a record or improve quality manual, adjust background speed, add a label and replace audio.

The third step

Seamless elimination, chess board folding and more: Collect all the classic collection program programs.

The fourth step

Just add a rug to the project. Select a song from the download or collection from your computer. Music can cover the original audio track or play backgrounds.

Fifth step

They all have left – turn the project into a full video. This menu can be done with “Create”. Here you can choose the maximum size, frame size, and adjust the quality of the video

Sony Vegas Pro

About Sony Vegas Pro has to hear everything. Developers are in the video editor position as a “professional software”. And for a good reason! The prospect of application is unacceptable, and the main advantages include:

Works in weight

Too many capabilities for development, as many developers offer presentations of the program. Apart from the famous Pro, the home and movie studio version was released, and the company says it is trying to adopt the products for a wide range of users: From homemakers to professional video editing.

VideoPad Video Editor

With this short program, you will be able to mount the “movie” of their videos, photos, music, and effects. The possibilities are quite extensive software.


  • Massively supported video formats, photos, and audio.
  • Many third-party plugins, you can increase the functionality of the program.
  • Ability to create a high-quality video.
  • Ability to work with video on an external source.


  • After 14 Days (at the end of the trial period), the program will have to pay for, or the functionality will be somewhat limited
  • Under fulfilled subtitled editor and even a long video conversion on the most modern and powerful computer.

Camtasia Studios

The popularity of the program in this area is described by the fact that it is built-in video capture from a PC screen.

The main benefits of this should include the official video editing program:

To work with opportunity footage: You can cut unnecessary scenes, add comments, screenshots, and subtitles;

The program provides a huge amount of visual effects;

One can be one of the masses proposed prescription formats.

Womble MPEG Video Assistant DVD

Womble MPEG Video Assistant DVD is a simple program for creating video editing, which is suitable for beginners.


  • Russian interface
  • Ability to modify and modify files with different bit rate without running advanced re-encoding.
  • It including 3D effects.
  • The ability to create inspirational slideshows and add captions.


  • Full functionality for free can only be used within 30 days;
  • The lack of support for many of today’s popular file formats.


That’s why one of the easiest software for video editing. The user is not too long to understand unwanted parts, add interesting effects or music.


  • Ease of operation
  • High speed;
  • If you have all the necessary tools to modify conversion, quote audio, add visual effects and subtitles.
  • The need is to change all the files in a format for the gluing pieces of different shapes.


Lightworks supports almost all popular formats and has extensive possibilities for video editing.


  • Is a free application;
  • The possibility of multi-track editing;
  • Easy Backup;
  • It is impossible to find complicated or other free programs that have plenty of professional tools for video editing.
  • Featuring the most critical minus -interface, this very unusual video processing becomes a real quest.

Pinnacle VideoSpin

Great version of the program for editing video for beginners, does not require a lot of time to master. In this, you will easily be able to mount a slideshow or a video clip of photos.


  • Instant and easy to install slideshows and movies with sound instructions, titles, texts, transfer effects;
  • Russian interface
  • Free charge
  • Extra functionality can be additional plugins.


Open Shot is a nonlinear video editing device to work on all modern operating systems. The program helps to manufacture a simple movie: Here you have access to visual effects, color correction function, and even work with Chroma key. For the purpose it is necessary, as all these settings and form will be made for you, it is essential to say that the program is easy: Easy video retention is easy to maintain. Among other damages, the ability to export video after video and inaccurate wraps long break.

Windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is the which accurately works with the window XP.


  • Absolutely free
  • The maximum ease of handling;
  • Low server resources.
  • You are all the basic features of video editing to create a memorable video of travel, or a holiday for the holiday.
  • If you want more, this is better to download video editor is more serious.


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