Programming Language – Bootstrap Learn Step by Step

Bootstrap Learn Step by Step

What is Bootstrap?

Programming Language – Bootstrap Learn Step by Step. Bootstrap is a powerful, front-end framework for fast and easy web development. Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton developed the bootstrap.  It was released as Open Source Project on GitHub in August 2011. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The use of Bootstrap is more in creating a Responsive Website.

Today we will learn that “what is Bootstrap? Introduction of Bootstrap, history of Bootstrap How to use Bootstrap? Advantage of Bootstrap, Programming Languages

Website created in Bootstrap is attractive and fast. Almost all types of sites are being built in Bootstrap today.


Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton developed the bootstrap. Anyone can use this framework in free of cost.

Bootstrap is one of the most popular and most used frameworks.

Bootstrap website is built with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JavaScript), forms, formatting buttons, tables, navigations, Dropdown Menu, Slider, Header, Footer etc. can be easily made. Developers have created HTML Elements, giving those CSS classes and using JavaScript to make it responsive and stylish.


Open source:

The best thing about Bootstrap is that it is open-source, you can use it for free.

Easy to Use:

Bootstrap is very easy, and you can easily create a website using Bootstrap Components.


The primary purpose behind creating Bootstrap was that people could easily create a good RESPONSIVE website with its help. You can easily create a Responsive Website through Bootstrap. Bootstrap website will easily open on the desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.


If you want to change the Bootstrap’s in-built style, you can easily change it. For this, you have to type your CSS code, and the bootstrap code should be overwritten.

Save Time:

In the Bootstrap Framework, you get the readymade code. You do not need to use more HTML and CSS code, and you save a lot of time.


  • Bootstrap is an open-source framework that you can use for free.
  • By using the bootstrap template, you can create a responsive website very quickly, and it saves time.
  • It is easy to use this framework.
  • Using Bootstrap, you can easily create a RESPONSIVE website. It is adjusted according to the size of the screen in any device.
  • If you want to change the default style of the bootstrap template, you can do it easily using your custom CSS code. All you have to do is replace the in-built style CSS code with your CSS code.



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