What Is Digital Marketing? Step by Step

Today we will talk about What Is Digital Marketing or online marketing, and what we can take from it.

Digital marketing is such an education that offers your business offline and online.

By using digital marketing, you can get more traffic to your website. Web traffic refers to internet users who come from any web site on your web site.

Digital marketing can be divided into two sections.

  1. Inbound Digital Marketing
  2. Outbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing is the marketing in which you can give rise to your business through Paid Ads on Social Media(Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc…)

You can use inbound digital marketing by creating your business page on Facebook or by creating a group or by making a video channel on YouTube or doing SEO of your website. SEO, SEM, SMO /SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, Fly Marketing, Classifieds Marketing, Email Marketing, Messaging, etc., are some examples of inbound digital marketing.

Outbound Digital Marketing

Outbound Digital Marketing is the marketing where you can give rise to your business through TV Ads. There are a few examples of SMS, MMS, TV Adsense Digital Horses Digital Marketing. It means that if you want to make your business a brand, get the benefits of digital marketing.

Marketing has a spinal position in online business. There are many types of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Types

  • Search Engine Optimization) SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing) SEM)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Out Sourcing or Middle Man

  • Advertisement (Content, Videos, Banners)

  • Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing

  • Branding / Online Personal Relations

  • Content marketing

As the name suggests, content rotates around marketing, graphics, and videos, through which customers draw attractive attention, encouraging and distributing articles.

Email Marketing

The marketing agency has a long list of users with an email account, which is sometimes visited by millions. You enter the relevant marketing agency, and it reaches users who use all of these email accounts through a button click.

Social Media Management

It is very common to run social media pages for business. Updating a company on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapshot, Snapshot Chat, all platforms on social media becomes a daunting task. In such cases, businesses need professionals.

Photography and Videography

Videography and photography are very important to sell online items. Professional photography and video portfolios are essential in digital marketing.

Regarding digital marketing, areas that have been identified, each of them can be educated. In this regard, many companies around the world, including Pakistan, are teaching from Diploma in Masters Degree in Digital Marketing.

These include Google Online Marketing Challenge, Word Stream PPC University, Social Media Quick Start Digital Marketing Course, Inbound Digital Marketing Course plus Offline Certification, and Allison Free Diploma in E-Business.


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