5 Ways to Find Best Topic For Your Blog 2019

Find Best Topic For Your Blog. If you are a blogger and you are not getting ideas for writing posts on your blog or you are worried about blogging, then today all your troubles will be overcome through this post. Because today we are going to share Find Best Topic For Your Blog of a writing blog post in this post.

Blogging has become very popular in today’s time. If you are a blogger, then you will know that we have to write regular posts for our blog, so that visitors come to our blog. But many people are new to blogging, and they do not have any ideas for writing regular posts on their blog, due to which some people stop blogging within one to two months. So today, we will tell about five great ideas of writing blog posts in this post so that you too can be successful in blogging.

5 Ways to Find Best Topic

If you are a blogger, there is no need to answer this, because if you have a blog, then you will have to post it and which posts should be added so that a new user can come to our site for him. We write about the same things that people read. We need ideas for this, so have you thought about how we could find these ideas?

Here we will share five such best ideas for writing posts in your blog, knowing that you will get rid of the problem of writing new posts in your blog, so let us know these methods.

Social Media Groups Join

In today’s time, social media has a big role in making anything successful quickly. So if you are looking for ideas for your blog post, then social media will be the best for you. Among the most used networks in social media, the most popular networks are Facebook and WhatsApp. There are a lot of groups on Facebook and WhatsApp, on which people ask questions, and you join all those groups, there you will find many such new questions which maybe ideas for writing your posts.

Join Question Hub.

‘Question hub’ is a free tool created by Google. This tool is mostly designed for blogger or Content Writer only. In this tool, you will get a lot of questions related to various topics. In this Join Question Hub, especially all those questions are those that search in Google, and due to lack of information on Google, people cannot find theirs. This tool is specially designed for bloggers and content writers. This is the best way to find new ideas for writing posts on your blog.


You will be aware that Quora is a platform with a Question & Answer where millions of new questions are posted daily, and their answers are also given. You can also answer questions related to them on various topics. Quora is available in all languages. When you join Quora, you get to see a lot of Topic there. For example, suppose you are related to your Tech Topic, then you select them, it will benefit that all the questions you have from those topics will be visible to you. From these questions, you can immediately put an idea about what and what information people need, and you can write posts in your blog on those topics and keywords.

Google Trends

‘Google Trends’ is a free service of Google, it allows you to check the report of any keywords, how many times a keyword is searched, and how many real-time searches it has? Its special thing is that it gives you all the information on those keywords such as – keyword volume, keyword location and which keyword is running in trending, etc. It updated all the time, and all the information you can see in it is shown to you by the graph. You can easily find many new ideas for your blog post by using it.

Get Idea from Vokal

Vokal is also a perfect question-and-answer platform like quora. It is specially designed for the Indian people. The biggest feature of Vokal is that every day, thousands of new questions are posted on various topics like politics, education, entertainment, general knowledge, technology business, and UPSC exam. It is available for people in 10 languages. This can prove to be very helpful for you to find the ideas of the post. From here, you can easily find new ideas for your blog posts every day.

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