GRAPHIC DESIGN – HOW TO EARN MONEY AT HOME,For Graphic Designers, it is always their priority to get the opportunity to work at home as the basic need of any Graphic Designer is nothing but a desktop to work through, and there could be nothing more comfortable to work via computer while being at home and relaxed.

If you are capable enough to work on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign or Quark, then your designing skills are always demanding in the internet market. Although keeping current is quite tricky when software updates are costly and newer versions of the software comes out annually or much more lately.

The essential advantage of working on-site is that they always keep the software contemporary and computers functioning. While at home, it is all captivated by your self. You never want to turn down work, so what do you do when inquired if you can accept a job using the version that the company asks you to work on not that the one you have? Or the freelance company needs to assess you?

There are many cheap and even free assets to foster your skills sharp. This is a perfect idea if you get drawn back to an office with a high salary or benedictions.

Try Not To Abstract the Hardware

System crash means downtime and downtime gets you nowhere near money!

Discern and understand your computer system. Make sure you have all the required Memory (RAM) you can intuitively render. Keep your network healthy: run defragmentation on your hard drives when needed, always keep up the security active by installing antivirus and malware on your start-up! Don’t forget to clean the dust from the components inside your motherboard occasionally. It clusters over time and can damage the crucial elements.

Remember, while working, you would sometimes find yourself at the nick of time while near a deadline, and you would be working fast enough while skipping the data saving part. I would recommend working on a backup system, or perhaps a laptop will do in this case.

Search and be active on the forums over the internet such as You will find all the help you need there. Be very clear and to the point in your subject line and check back time to time for answers and do pledge a thanks in return for the help.

Irrelevant Forum Subject Title:
“PLEASE HELP ME, I AM doomed!   ”

Good Forum Subject Title:

Windows Vista system hangs up while applying the liquefy effects in Photoshop.”

Don’t forget to offer any help or suggestions when someone providing you with the solution is helping you. Always be grateful to help. Remember to stay on Topic – these forums are for professional help and chat not for gossip or drama discussion.

Know Your Software

Do not expect that your version of a software that is much older than the current is going to cut it in today’s world. Although, you might be able to perform many of the same tasks by the older version of the program the end user might need the current version and could not even open your application or prepare it for the press release. You surely wouldn’t want to look unprofessional in front of the person paying you for it.

Spend some time searching and discovering new strategies, tips, and tricks. Go through the latest books by the expert designers and do not forget to subscribe to the graphics magazines. If you intend to be known as a Photoshop Professional, then join the Professional Photoshop Organizations – they are expert advisers and also give credibility to your resume and are deductible business expenses.

Software companies such as Adobe manage very valuable and supportive online forums for their users. Learn about the latest bugs and fixes before they hit your wallet and stay updated with the latest patches available.

Irrelevant Forum Subject title:

Good Forum Subject:
Support needed for Photoshop custom image effect

Use the Free Trial Software Wisely

Many of the software companies offer free trial versions of their programs; this isn’t unfair or cheating as they want you to use them.

If you intend to use an application that you haven’t used in years, then download the 30-day free trial version and see and test yourself how well you do. You can also use the search engines to search for the instructions about how to use the application. Moreover, you can also use YouTube to find video tutorials online for different software. As soon as you become proficient enough and get command over the application and have enough balance to afford it, buy the full version for it would give you experience as well as money if you use it professionally and skillfully.

You can also buy CDs or books containing the tutorials offering lessons in the most popular software online or in nearby stores, which is not a bad deal for knowledge is power.


  • Work as a professional, think as a professional and act like a professional!
  • Let the employer know what version you are working on currently. If you are just one version behind then, they might offer you the upgrade, or you can add it to your bill.


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